XproH is Outdoor

like never before

Australia’s first audience lead outdoor
asset identification tool! Campaign
planning and buying made easy, from
start to finish.

Audience lead Outdoor media

planning and programmatic






Marketers and Media
Planner/Buyers can reduce hours
spent in campaign design.


Media Owners can task their Sales

teams to spend more time with clients,

uncovering opportunities and gathering information – less time spent across implementation.

Ultimate collaboration

From campaign design, site selection,

creative asset management – XproH

is designed for Marketers, designers and their respective agencies to all be on the same page.

True Programmatic

Planning, Buying, Production and
Install and Invoicing. It all takes
place within the XproH


Publisher, format, site comparisons,
XproH doesn’t pick or choose, the
client does. XproH will showcase the
absolute best sites available, at rates
arrived at from publisher feedback and
our optimisation tool.

World class Data

Experience, ABS, Mobile Data and

Transactional Data. XproH provides a

new level of integrated data, from the

best in class data houses. 

A process

that is easy

Simple and complex audience input and site identification, rankings and indexing, thematic visualisation.

Destop 1 - 1 2.png

Login with business/client credentials – rates, partnership recognition etc.

Load campaign start and

finish dates, region

selection, availability,

format choices and more.

Simple and complex audience input and site identification, rankings and indexing, thematic visualisation.

Hand-picked or algorithm prefill Digital, Static sites (w/ production & install). Campaign totals and recap.

An entire outdoor campaign

planned & booked before you

finish your coffee


The Outdoor industry can’t continue to trade behind closed doors – Audience needs to be the priority, assets and plant owners are important but must be secondary. Paramount above all else is data; transparent, independent and unbiased.